Below are the tools and resources that are suggested by Keyword and the Amazon "Insiders" that we interview. NOTE: Some of the links below are affiliate links, and if you decide to make a purchase, Keyword will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting the podcast!

Business Loans


Qualify for funding. Get a $100 e-gift card.
Apply for up to $250,000 of funding through Kabbage, and you’ll get a $100 e-gift card when you qualify (1)

With Kabbage:
- Apply securely in minutes
- Access a line of credit of up to $250,000 (2)
- Withdraw what you need, when you need it
- Only pay for what you use

Product Sourcing

Jaguar AI

Jaguar AI is a product sourcing tool that uses artificial intelligence to help sellers find new products. The artificial intelligence looks at products with an algorithm similar to how a human would pick products. It combines typical sourcing data with human decision making and tracks things that are trending online too.

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Accounting services

Seller Accountant

Seller Accountant exists to make e-commerce sellers more profitable! We do this by providing bookkeeping services tailored to the dynamic seller world. There are many good accounting partners out there but Seller Accountant is unique in that we ONLY service businesses that sell things online.

If you own a construction business or a home healthcare company we can’t help you but if you sell your products on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Shopify, your own website or any other online platform we are the full service ecomm-bookkeepers for you!

Let Seller Accountant take away the financial headaches so you can grow your business! You need a partner who can help you simplify and manage your back office so that you can grow your business profitability. Sales is vanity, Profit is sanity!

Discounted UPC codes


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You have to have a UPC code to list your products on Amazon. The UPC and EAN codes you buy through SnapUPC are 100-percent authentic GS1 codes. Once you buy the codes they show up instantly in your email inbox. Keyword listeners can get 20-percent off! 

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Customer Service


SellerSmile offers world-class, US-based customer service for your Amazon Business by managing your Buyer-Seller Messaging for you. SellerSmile ensures your business maintains fast response times, keeping your buyers and you, smiling 🙂

Giving your customers the best possible shopping experience is how you can separate your business from its competitors.

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Keyword and product research tool

Scope by Seller Labs

Scope is a new tool from the creators of Feedback Genius. Scope is the only tool that shows you which keywords are actually driving sales.
Use Scope to:

  • Uncover the keywords generating sales for your competitors.
  • Optimize your product page.
  • Build high performing PPC campaigns.

Product Photography & Graphic Design Services

Virtuous Graphics

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VirtuousGraphics offers services tailored to Amazon sellers who are looking to increase their product listing page click through rate, conversion rate, and overall level of sales. They are able to improve your Amazon listings through exceptional graphic design services such as product inserts, image graphics, logo creation, and product packaging. What’s more, you can count on them for superb product photography that will better highlight the items that you are selling. Resulting in your products standing out from the competition, allowing for an increase in brand awareness, sales, and profits.

Q4 Preparation


Learn the best ways to review your own account, just as an Amazon investigator would.

The Q4 War Kit includes:

  • The Q4 Standard Operating Procedure
  • Your Review Strategy Review
  • The Customer Service Checklist
  • Your Guide to minimizing storage fees

Q4 War Kit –>

Amazon Sponsored Products (PPC)

Keyword Podcast PPC Page

Amazon makes more than a billion dollars a year from sponsored ads making it one of the most important businesses for Amazon alongside AWS, the Echo, and of course the Marketplace.