Ep. 012 Keyword Podcast: Amazon Japan

January 9, 2017
Ep. 012 Keyword Podcast- Amazon Japan

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One of the best strategies to boost your sales selling on Amazon is not to launch a new product, but instead expand your existing products to a new Amazon marketplace.

Amazon USA is the biggest Amazon marketplace. Then next is Germany, United Kingdom, and then Japan. Those marketplaces are all around the same size.

Japan is smaller than the size of Montana - so shipping time is fast. That helps fuel online shopping in country.In japan 80 percent of consumers shop online - that’s close to 100 million shoppers. Mobile commerce is also huge in japan since almost everyone has smartphones.

It’s a country built for ecommerce and Amazon has a strong presence.

But despite this great opportunity it’s often ignored by third-party merchants - even very experienced sellers.

So today we’re talking with an Amazon insider, Tim Hughes, about expanding to Amazon Japan.

Tim now runs a company called Product Labs - they help businesses sell stuff online, including on Amazon.

Take a Look at what Amazon Japan looks like:

Amazon Japan: https://www.amazon.co.jp/

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Denis - January 9, 2017

Interesting article. I sold on Amazon JP for awhile and finally pulled out. My biggest problem was getting email message from Amazon in Japanese. Yes, I know it is Japan. Even when I translated the message into English I still really couldn’t figure out what they were saying. Pain in the butt.

Also, I paid $42.00 a month for my Importer of Record each month and not making any sales. There was at the time no review groups I could use. Can’t use them now anyway so no worries.

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