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Peter Kearns is an ex-Amazon Marketplace leader who managed new seller recruiting and strategic FBA for the consumables categories for nearly four years. He is an expert on Amazon policy and brand strategy and he has worked with hundreds of sellers ranging from IR-500 businesses and small home-based operations to large worldwide brands and start-ups.

During his time at Amazon he collaborated with sellers and brand owners to help them successfully launch on the Amazon marketplace generating more than $300 million (and counting) in gross merchant sales.

Peter is more than an Amazon seller expert. He also has an extensive marketing and retail background. He’s worked for companies like Discovery Channel, J. Crew, Coach and Banana Republic.

Peter Kearns on the Podcast:

I got my first job at Amazon because of my German language skills from my Master’s in History. Take that, people who said I’d never get a good job with my liberal arts degree! I soon learned that I’m not good at taking orders and started my MBA coursework at Seattle University.

After more than seven years at Amazon in Fraud/Transaction Risk and Product Compliance & Sustainability, I left to spend more time with my husband and two beautiful children and launch my own business. Unfortunately, I thought I needed more stability and went back to Amazon while my talented and capable husband led the company from December 2016 to June 2017. But Amazon no longer fit me, or I didn’t fit it anymore. I decided stability was overrated and I am so grateful to be back doing what I love!

In my not significant free time, I do fiber crafts such as spinning, crocheting, and embroidery, and I have been in a community band since 2009, playing French Horn, Trombone, or Euphonium depending on the band’s needs that season.

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