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Keyword: the Amazon Insider Episode 094 – Amazon Announces Project Zero with Peter Kearns, 180Commerce

March 12, 2019

Subscribe via: iTunes | Stitcher | Google Play | SpotifyBrands can rejoice. They’re on the brink of receiving more power than ever to combat counterfeiters by being able to remove counterfeit ASINs from Amazon on their own. Amazon announced that they’ve been testing “Project Zero” with 15 brands and we catch up with 180Commerce’s Vice President of Client Solutions, […]


Keyword: the Amazon Insider Podcast Episode 088 – Handling Cease and Desist Letters with Chris McCabe, and Casey Vaughn, the Vaughn Law Group

November 12, 2018

Subscribe via iTunes | Stitcher | Google PlayCease and desist letters are becoming a common practice by brands selling on Amazon. It’s likely you’ve received one. It’s important sellers know how to handle them and how to avoid them.This episode’s “Amazon insider” is Chris McCabe.>>> ecommerceChrisThis episode’s guest is Casey Vaughn, Vaughn Law Group.>>> Vaughn Law Group […]


Keyword: the Amazon Insider Podcast Episode 073 – New Tricks from Counterfeiters with Chris McCabe, ecommerceChris

June 2, 2018

Subscribe via iTunes | Stitcher | Google PlayCounterfeiters continue to cause problems and wreak havoc on the Amazon marketplace, all with an intent to steal sales away from you.   Former Amazonian, Chris McCabe from eCommerceChris, talks with us about some counterfeiter tactics to look out for. This episode’s Amazon Insider is Chris McCabe.>>> ecommerceChris This episode’s sponsors:KabbageQualify for funding. […]


Ep. 034 Keyword Podcast: What is Transparency?

August 9, 2017

Subscribe via iTunes | Sticher | Google PlayFormer Amazon Employee Peter Kearns talks with us about the new Amazon Program Transparency. It’s a way for Amazon to try to prevent counterfeit products from being sold on the marketplace. It’s another tool for Brand Owners.Amazon Elements- A New Level of Transparency ​ This episode’s sponsors: 28-day Free Trial […]


Ep. 027 Keyword Podcast: Head of Prime Now Shares what Sellers Need to Know

April 24, 2017

Subscribe via iTunes | Sticher | Google PlayThis week we have another Amazon Executive on the podcast, Stephenie Landry. She’s the Vice President over Prime Now.“History tells us that consumers are going to constantly demand the best and shipping speed is something that over the past 20 years has shrunken incredibly,” Stephenie says.Stephanie was recently at the […]


Ep. 026 Keyword Podcast: Five Ways to Grow your Brand from Head of Amazon Marketplace

April 17, 2017

Subscribe via iTunes | Sticher | Google PlayThis week we have something special. You’ll hear from the Vice President of the Amazon Marketplace, Peter Faricy. He’s the most senior executive at Amazon directly involved with the Marketplace and has run the business since 2009.“I think every day about how can I help these small/medium businesses be successful […]


Ep. 025 Keyword Podcast: Updates to Brand Registry Coming

April 10, 2017

Subscribe via iTunes | Sticher | Google Play​Brand Registry is expanding to provide more tools to help sellers dealing with counterfeit products. Peter Kearns with eGrowth Partners joins us. He’s talked with Amazon about the updates and he tells us what we can expect.Amazon has a problem. A counterfeit problem. Whether it’s a large brand like Birkenstock […]


Ep. 021 Keyword Podcast: Counterfeit Products

March 13, 2017

Subscribe via iTunes | Sticher | Google PlayCongratulations. You’ve created a great selling product. It’s a huge success. You’re adding more inventory and starting to think about launching your next product and then you notice your competition doesn’t just look similar, it’s the exact same thing. To make matters even worse, it’s being sold on your listing. […]