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Ep. 043 Keyword Podcast: Listing Optimization

October 20, 2017

Subscribe via iTunes | Stitcher | Google PlayAmazon’s search algorithm scans a ton of data to find product results and rank them for customers. The algorithm scans product’s listing pages to collect information. That’s why creating an optimized listing is so important. Former Amazonian Emily Murray gives us a strategy to help in listing optimization. This episode’s “Amazon […]


Listing Optimization (Ep. 043)

October 20, 2017

Amazon’s search algorithm is the engine that pushes all search results to customers. It takes into accounts a lot of different elements, including things like shoppers recent searches, best-selling products, and recent reviews. The exact way the algorithm works is a secret and Amazon is also constantly changing it. One thing that we do know […]


Improving Customer Service (Ep. 040)

September 22, 2017

Good customer service is key to being successful on Amazon. Customer service is one of the biggest things that customers will notice about your brand and it can set you apart from other sellers. Former Amazonian Emily Murray joins us to talk about how you can improve your own customer service. Emily’s template to respond to […]


Ep. 022 Keyword Podcast: What Is Amazon Tracking with Kelly Johnston from Cascadia

March 20, 2017

Subscribe via iTunes | Sticher | Google PlayWhat information is Amazon tracking about third party sellers? And how can you use that information to evaluate your own performance?How much do you think amazon knows about you? Probably a lot right? How much does Amazon track about it’s Third Party Sellers? More importantly, what does it do with […]

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