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Keyword: the Extras Podcast Episode 005 – Software Tools Sellers can Use to Improve Customer Service on Amazon with Tygh Walters and Michael Melgar, SellerSmile


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We’re going through a comprehensive list of tools and software products that sellers can use to improve their customer service and overall Amazon business.

SellerSmile founders have compiled this list from some of their favorite tools that they use to help their customers. There are no affiliate partnerships with SellerSmile and these companies nor with Keyword and these companies. 


Tygh Walters and Michael Melgar from SellerSmile are this episode's guests on Keyword: the Amazon Insiders and Extras Podcast.

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Software Tools and Products for Amazon Customer Service

Seller Central

  • Seller Central template systems and save your responses to use in the future
  • Multi-channel fulfillment orders
  • Customer Service Dissatisfaction Rate (Performance -> Account Health -> Performance Metrics)
  • Request Customer Service Dissatisfaction Report: Account Health > Performance Metrics > Download link.

Feedback Genius

  • Automatic emails for Amazon store.
  • Not just messaging, reputation management.
  • Helps you get set up with emails to improve your proactive customer service.
  • Include attachments like personalized branding w/ logos, etc.
  • Makes it easy to set up a follow-up sequence: Templates: Has pre-written and tested email copy
  • Helps keep track of reviews/feedback: Review monitoring/ Feedback monitoring
  • Lots of help guides and easy support
  • Updated frequently

Tools for off-Amazon marketing

  • Email marketing
    • Mailchimp, Aweber, Constant contact, etc.
    • Capture emails from your website and social media to alert about deals, new products, flash sales, etc.
    • Stock replenishment alerts.
  • Social media
    • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Pinterest.
    • Drive off-Amazon traffic to your Amazon listings
    • Links on seller profile/storefront.
    • YouTube: assembly instructions/customer reviews.

Ticketing system

  • All communication; Seller Central messages/website messages, social media messages, notifications, etc. can be funneled through these:
  • Intercom, Desk, Zendesk, Groove
    • Create and use Rules/Filters
    • There’s also different Templates/Macros available
    • Templates: Helps you scale and increase efficiency.
    • You can create templates for new scenarios as they come.
    • Intercom is a great example of a proactive customer service tool. It looks like a chat widget.

Managing Multichannel inventory

  • Zentail/ Channeladvisor
    • Syncing inventory levels across platforms.
    • Carrier tracking information access
    • MFN/FBA stock management
    • Using FBA to fulfill eBay, Shopify, etc.
  • Joelister: Amazon to eBay listing, fulfillment, eCommerce tool

Communication tools

  • Grammarly: A MUST, keeps your responses grammatically correct and spelling error free
  • Slack – chat, video, images, etc = mobile + desktop + web applications.
    • Inter- and intra-team communication.
  • Video conferencing tools: Face-to-face is vital, non-verbal reactions = better communication
    • Google Hangouts.
    • Skype
    • Zoom.us: costs money, higher quality

Productivity tools

  • Trello
    • Project management tool.
    • Great way to organize complex projects, log Feature Requests, Pending cases to come back to, collaboration across your team.
    • Powerups available to integrate with your calendar, with your Slack, email, etc. Has a ton of free templates online for different productivity workflows.
  • Zapier
    • Automation wizard. Has specific Seller Central (Zaps) for Amazon sellers.
    • Some examples include: Adding new seller central orders to Google Sheets, Create MailChimp subscribers from Amazon seller central orders, Send a Slack channel message from new Amazon Seller Central orders.
    • They have a whole page on this: https://zapier.com/apps/amazon-seller-central/integrations
  • Recordit
    • A better way to solve problems by creating GIFs easily.
    • Send your off-Amazon customers a how-to!
  • Skitch
    • Screenshots with annotations and highlighting
  • Lucid Chart/ Google Draw
    • Create a flowchart that can be used to figure out the right way to handle each issue and an appropriate template for those cases.
  • Google Translate
    • Chrome extension to automatically help you answer questions when they come through in different languages.
  • Lastpass
    • Share your passwords safely and securely.
    • If you have a team or working with other partners who need access to your dashboards.


This is a long list, but use it as a starting place. Pick one or two tools that interest you and add them in. Once you have a system down, add in another tool. The point is to improve your organization and increase automation so you spend less time doing manual work.


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