Four Ways to Grow in 2018 with Peter Kearns, 180commerce

January 30, 2018

It’s a new year and the first month of the year is gone. Hopefully, in that month you had some halo effect when it comes to your sales, meaning conversion success from Q4 carried into the new year. Now it’s time to figure out your plans for 2018, you need to figure out how you plan to grow. Here are four things to start doing right now to make that happen.

  1. Increase traffic to your listings.

To figure out the best way to increase traffic, you need to do an audit of your business. This will likely take a couple days but the result will be worth it.

“Look at your detail pages by ‘Sales and Traffic by Child Item’ report and find out how much ASINs are generating traffic and which ones aren’t getting the sales conversion,” says former Amazonian Peter Kearns.

Peter used to work at Amazon identifying gaps in the Amazon catalog and then finding sellers to fill those gaps. He’s now the Vice President of Client Solutions for 180commerce.

Peter tells us, you can use information from your audit to figure out which listings you need to create more traffic for. You can use sponsored products or headline search ads if you’re a brand owner. You also want to create an off-Amazon strategy to drive more traffic to your listing.

“If you don’t have a social media strategy, absolutely need to be getting one. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, your own url,” Peter says.

Take time and promote your product detail pages through these channels instead of promoting your own website.

“All of that off-Amazon traffic really helps drive the search algorithms for Amazon because they’re trying to surface the most relevant product that people are searching for, engaging with and purchasing,” Peter says.

It’s crucial to have both internal and external promotion to increase your sales ranking.

  1. Improve your detail pages.

If you’re a brand owner or an exclusive seller of a product, update your detail pages. You want to add enhanced brand content on as many listings as possible.

“It’s going to increase your conversions, on the low end, 5%, middle of the road 10, 15%. You’re going to see an increase in conversion when the content improves,” Peter says.

Even if you don’t have the ability to add enhanced brand content, there’s still an increase in conversions when detail pages are better optimized.

“It’s a better customer experience so you want to making detail page improvements making sure that your titles are optimized your bullets are optimized your description is optimized, your keywords, your search terms,” Peter says.

Also, make sure that you’re reading your reviews. You will likely learn information about your products that you didn’t think about adding to your detail page by reading reviews.

  1. Improve your FBA strategy.

This is not just key for success, it’s crucial. You should never have low stock or an out of inventory issue, when you do it impacts conversions and ranking.  Having your products in FBA makes them Prime eligible,  meaning at least 80 million Amazon Prime subscribers have access to receive your product in two days and in some cases less. Once you’re in FBA, you need to create a restocking strategy.

“You never want to go out of stock – you don’t necessarily want to raise price to slow velocity either because you raise price, it decreases conversion which can significantly impact your bestseller ranking,” Peter says.

Instead, when your product starts to get low or runs out, deactivate the listing. This freezes your sales ranking. Then when you have products back in stock, you can reactivate the listing.

  1. Avoid anything that can create a bad customer experience.

Review manipulation continues to be something that can get you in major trouble this year. That’s one thing that can stunt or destroy any growth in the new year. The other thing that Amazon is really aggressive about is Intellectual Property infringement. Any strategy that impacts the customer’s experience on Amazon or their view of Amazon will hurt you. Amazon will continue to investigate and suspend bad actors on the marketplace.

One final note about growth in 2018, if you’re a brand owner, stay up to date on the new tools Amazon is creating for brands. They’re much more focused on creating tools for brand owners than sellers right now when it comes to the Marketplace. These tools can help you grow and expand like never before on Amazon.

“Brand owners being the one that have the trademark and I think more and more tools are going to be limited around that requirement,” Peter says.

Thanks to Peter Kearns for his insight on growth in the new year. If you want him to help you grow this year, reach out to him. You can find Peter at

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