Ep. 009 Keyword Podcast: The Seller Central App with Brad Moss

December 5, 2016

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This week we’re talking with the guy that built the Amazon Seller Central App. His name is Brad Moss. Brad used to run Seller Central, he now runs a company called Product Labs. They help businesses sell online, including on Amazon. Back in 2013, Brad lead the team that built the Seller Central App.

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"Amazon Seller" the mobile app for Seller Central.

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Ep. 009 Show Transcript:

Adam Eshenroder is out snowshoeing.

“There’s all kinds of deer and elk that we’re looking at, it’s awesome,” Adam says.

And it’s getting close to 10 a.m. so soon Adam will pull out his phone and while snowshoeing check in on his Amazon Business. Adam checks the Amazon Seller Central app to see how sales are going.

“I know if I have x number of sales at 8 a.m. or 10 a.m, that I’m at a good cliff and I’m probably going to do well today,” Adam says.

The data in the app tells Adam if he needs to take actions, like adjusting his pay-per-clicks or fixing an issue with one of his listings.

Amazon built the Seller Central App to help Sellers manage their business from the convenience of their phone from wherever they are, even if it’s while snowshoeing.

Since it’s launch in 2014, the Seller Central App has become the go-to for Amazon Sellers for data on sales, inventory and responding to customers.

This week we’re talking with the guy that built the Amazon Seller Central App. His name is Brad Moss.

“I was brought on board and was actually the Product Manager for the platform for all of Seller Central,” Brad says.

That means Brad used to run Seller Central. Brad now runs a company called Product Labs. They help businesses sell online, including on Amazon. Back in 2013, Brad lead the team that built the Seller Central App.

In this episode we’re going to focus on the things Brad says you should be using most in the app to improve performance. The first thing Brad says to use the app for is tracking sales and inventory.

As you track sales, you’ll start to see sales patterns in how your own products do. That will help you know if your sales are up or down because of the day of the week or month of it’s a completely different pattern emerging altogether.

The next thing Brad says to use the app for is keeping up with customers.

Amazon rates sellers based on how quickly you respond to a buyer’s message. There’s no specific time limit for a response but Amazon strongly encourages you to respond within 24 hours.

Brad says since the messages can be sent to your phone, you should be responding as quickly as possible, using the app the quickly respond to buyers will boost your Amazon Buyer Seller Contact Metric.

“Buyer/seller messaging you can turn on the push notifications [and] I hope everyone is doing that,” Brad says, “Set up templates for responding to people on buyer seller messages.”

Remember Amazon tracks how quickly you respond to buyer questions. If you take too long, it can impact your page rank for that specific product.

Brad says being able to quickly respond to a buyer message is one of the best functions of the Seller Central App. You can and should turn on notifications so you know instantly when a buyer messages you. You can also set up templates to help you respond even faster.

The third thing Brad says you should be using the app for is sourcing new products using the scanning feature. Brad tells us the App can help you figure out how much money a product could make you on Amazon.

“Those who are in the know know how to do the scanning features functionality and they’re really quite extensive you can set pricing, cost of goods are and you can do some really cool calculation of profit estimating,” Brad says, “There’s an FBA estimator online; there’s a pretty useful one on the mobile app too.”

That scanning feature is in the app because of Brad.

“I actually partnered with another department inside Amazon, the FBA team,” Brad says, “We built a feature inside the mobile app where people could take the mobile app out and go scan products.”

So as a quick review, there are three things Brad says the Seller Central App is vital for: checking sales and inventory, responding to customer messages and sourcing new products.

You can also use the app the change prices and check the status of shipments.

The Seller Central App is still a fairly new tool. It was something Amazon had been debating about for years but it wasn’t until 2013 when Brad started building the app.

“We knew mobile was big, we knew a lot of people were doing it,” Brad says, “[It] was a hard sell of how do you do mobile, everything is business run inside Amazon.”

Brad’s job at this point was to justify building the app. He had to prove to Amazon that creating the Seller Central App was the right thing to do.

Brad tested the app with a ton of different sellers, big sellers that are making more than a million a year and small sellers, selling around $10,000 a year. When the app launched in 2014, it was launched for everyone and sellers were thrilled.

“They’re like finally ‘Thank you,’ ‘I’ve been wanting this for years,’ ‘Thank you so so so much,” Brad says.

The app also gives sellers the freedom to go into vacation mode, giving sellers the chance to stop all sales and start them whenever you need to.

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