Ep. 005 Keyword Podcast: Getting New Product Ideas

November 6, 2016

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Whether you’re creating your first product or looking for a new product, coming up with a product idea can a challenge. In this episode our Amazon Insider tells us what he learned at Amazon about creating and sourcing new products for your Amazon business.

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Linda Langenbacher - May 21, 2018

One of the upsets that I have with my products is that Amazon keeps putting their bar code over the manufacturer’s barcode, which often covers up some of the more important parts of our packaging. I never knew how to create an Amazon bar code until I had a conversation with an Amazon consultant… Then I watched a video that said once you create a listing and click “Merchant Bar Code”, you can’t change it to have an Amazon Bar Code… yet the consultant I spoke to at Amazon seemed to thing I could create new packaging with the Amazon Bar code so that Amazon would stop putting the extra bar code on my package. Is there any way you could clear this confusion up for me? Thanks in advance. ~ Linda Langenbacher

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