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Ep. 005 Keyword Podcast: Getting New Product Ideas

November 6, 2016

Subscribe via iTunes | Sticher | Google Play Make me an “Insider” Whether you’re creating your first product or looking for a new product, coming up with a product idea can a challenge. In this episode our Amazon Insider tells us what he learned at Amazon about creating and sourcing new products for your Amazon business.We’re busy […]


Ep. 004 Keyword Podcast: Deciding Between Merchant or Vendor Selling

October 25, 2016

Subscribe via iTunes | Sticher | Google PlayAnyone wanting to or selling on Amazon has to make the decision whether to have a vendor account or a merchant account. Our Amazon Insider breaks it down so you know which path is the right one for you.This episode’s sponsor: Product Labs 


Ep. 002 Keyword Podcast: Incentivized Reviews Now Prohibited

October 14, 2016

Subscribe via iTunes | Stitcher | Google PlayReview Clubs have been a go-to strategy for Amazon sellers to help launch new products for years. Amazon has updated their policy and these clubs are no longer allowed. In this Episode we hear from our Amazon Insiders about if reviews really matter and how to adapt to the […]


Ep. 001 Keyword Podcast: How to Write Jeff Bezos with Tim Hughes

October 11, 2016

Subscribe via iTunes | Sticher | Google PlayThis episode is about how to email Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, so you actually get a response from Amazon. One of our Amazon insiders, Tim Hughes, has had two situations where he’s written to Jeff and both times his problem was taken care of. $50 Off code: “KEYWORD” Scope […]

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