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Keyword: the Amazon Insider Podcast Episode 068 – Amazon Marketplace State Sales Tax with Chris McCabe, eCommerceChris

April 20, 2018

Subscribe via iTunes | Stitcher | Google PlayWe’re going to be talking about some updates to state sales tax collections and looking ahead to some future possibilities that could possibly resolve the situation. We’re also talking about what you need to be doing if you get an audit from a state with Chris McCabe from eCommerceChris. There’s also a […]


Keyword: the Extras Podcast Episode 005 – Comprehensive List of Software Tools and Products Sellers Can Use to Improve Customer Service on Amazon with Tygh Walters and Michael Melgar, SellerSmile

April 18, 2018

Subscribe via iTunes | Stitcher | Google PlayWe’re going through a comprehensive list of tools and software products that sellers can use to improve their customer service and overall Amazon business. SellerSmile founders have compiled this list from some of their favorite tools that they use to help their customers. There are no affiliate partnerships with SellerSmile and […]


Keyword: Extras 004 Six Ways to Win Amazon Customer Service with SellerSmile

April 10, 2018

Subscribe via iTunes | Stitcher | Google PlayCustomer service is one of the first things customers will notice about your company. Amazon expects sellers to create a strong customer service strategy to match Amazon’s own goal of being customer focused. The founders of SellerSmile, Tygh Walters and Michael Melgar, will be joining us in this episode to discuss […]


Keyword: Extras 003 Three Essential Optimization Principles Plus Some Advanced Techniques with Andrew Swearengen, Merkato

March 23, 2018

Subscribe via iTunes | Stitcher | Google PlayAndrew Swearengen with Merkato joins Kate to discuss  how to leverage advanced techniques to manage your advertising campaigns. This is the third of three episodes featuring Andrew. Ep. 002 >> Managing Ads with Machine Intelligence and Human JudgementEp. 001 >> Understanding Ads MarketplacesAndrew Swearengen is this episode’s guest on Keyword: the […]

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